October 12, 2009

.a positive day.

today, i sat at a cafe during lunch, eating a tiramisu cake alone. it felt empowering at first, then slowly, i started getting bored. the people walking around queen st weren't that interesting. boo.

but its good, at least it was boredom rather than patheticism... :) - and thanks to nanda who joined me after that!! i'll seriously consider the "holiday working visa to uk" thing...

also, it was great seeing pierre and cynthia today. they visited me at work. it was cute how both of them kinda looked at me, silently, with a look that was a mixture of concern and doubt as to whether i was okay after erwann left. :) they're so sweet. can't wait to catch up again. :)

... cant believe its only been a week since he left me. :(

ANYWAY, on a different note, (and a more upbeat one, thank God!) i had a thought today...

how great was it that i was given the honour of giving a speech about my good friend Mouzam at his engagement party? :) it just reaaaally sunk in, that that moment is going to live in my memory for ever.

it truly was special and truly was a huge honour. a very sweet symbol and memory to our 7 year friendship.

imagine, in the future when our kids meet and make friends with each other, i can tell them, "mummy and uncle mouzam are very good friends. mummy spoke at his engagement party, telling everyone how wonderful he is."


SO... friends, anyone's next?? :)
i'm on a good-friends-engagement-speech high!

... and again, i'd like to wish all the love and happiness in the world to mouzam and his fiancee, faziya. they make a beautiful couple. :)

.more photos on facebook.

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nanda said...

good time, when u msg me..! i had a great time with u!!