October 21, 2009

.a song for right now.

i was telling julia tonight how i havent really broke down and cry since he left. we then concluded, there shall come a day when the floodgates will be opened and everything would come crashing down.

yippee. imagine my joy and anticipation...

then i heard this old delta goodrem song on my mp3. i only just updated my song list and had chucked a dozen of older songs in there. this was one of them...

... definitely not a good idea. 2 words. breaking point.


if it's okay
i'll leave the bed light on,
and place your water glass where it belongs;
and if it's alright
i'll lie awake at night,
pretending i am curled up at your side...

see i'm circling in these patterns
living out of memories;
i'm still a long way from accepting it
that there's just no you and me...

but if i still believe you love me,
maybe i'll survive;
so i tell myself you're coming home,
like you've done a million times;
and if it's alright,
i'll still be loving you...
'cause i can't break it to my heart...



Anonymous said...

when exactly are you coming back to KK?

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

hmm... who exactly is this?

Anonymous said...

just asking..:)