December 30, 2005

21st on the Chinese Calender!

According to the CHinese Calander,
Today is the 29th November...
hahHAHa so....
Technically, I'm 21 alreadddyyy!!!
Mum and Dad threw me a party and gave me a necklace with a key.
How sweet yeaA?!
My sweetest cousin sister baked me a cake, wrote those wonderful words on it, and also gave me a necklace!!
Today was a sweet day.
Dad called over a bunch of friends,
and everything was great.
Everyone seem to have had fun.
And I would say that includes Shaz.
Shaz said he might ask me to meet him at the city tomorrow.
He says he's got a birthday surprise for me.
I wonder?
We'll see!
ps: Dumb MU drew against Bermingham today. SHIT.

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