December 21, 2005

Being Random Again

Currently: Clean, tired and ready for bed.
Listening: Push the Button - Sugababes
Mood: not too happy. (no real reason)

Spoke to Shaz just before.
Its just something we always do.
As in, talk before going to bed.
Specifically, before "I" go to bed.
You should hear how he sounds when I call him at 5am,
cuz thats when I usually hit the sack,
and he'd be sounding all blurry and half-sleeping.

ANYWAY... here's more random thoughts.

# Mum's arriving tomorrow.
The family is gonna be together again!

# Shaz and I need to stop getting into heated discussions.
(I simply refuse to call them arguments) heheehe...
The thing is, its becoming something too frequent.
Everytime we talk, a "sensitive issue" would be brought up,
and one of us would end up getting all touchy,
and we'd both get into the "listen to me!" mood,
and start talking reli loud and sternly to each other...
Desperate to make one another understand.
Its always,
"listen to me first! thats not what I meant!!"
"Why do u have to think of it that way?! Thats not how I meant it!!"
aaH.... tiring!

# 24th December...
Xmas Eve.
Dad said he's asking a bunch of friends over.
And before that,
he mentioned of having a Xmas party.
Sorta like a get-together...
Does that mean we invite our friends too?
Does that mean Shaz comes over? *hmmm...*

# Shaz is reluctant to meet my parents.
He's got so many reason,
I refuse to even think about them anymore.
Then yesteday he said he'll meet them.
He said he thought about it and felt that he's being very unreasonable.
I guess I should feel glad huh?
I wonder how he'd act in front of my parents.
And I wonder which "Shaz" he'd decide to reveal?

# Fung jia got me a Birthday gift.
She's such a sweeety!
And I think mum and dad got me a gift from Msia too.
Dad sorta hinted that they got me a "key"...
U know, 21st Birthday sorta thing.
Can't believe this girl is turning 21 already.
Suddenly I feel so grown up.
Its been a longgg way Sherlene...
A long one indeed.

# How am I gonna talk to Shaz on the phone after mum gets here?
Cuz these few nights,
I've been making use of Sheena's room to talk.
When mum comes,
she might be sleeping there.
So where does that leave me?
to those of u who doesn't know...
I've been sleeping on sofas these couple of nights.
I dont have a room, and I've lost all privacy.
And don't know why,
I can't get myself to sleep in Sheena's room.
Maybe its becuz it feels kinda weird...
cuz.. well... cuz its not my room,
and I know very well its Sheena's.
HAHA... weird me.

# I dont wanna jinx, but Man Utd is back to winning.
Although we're heartbrokenly out of Europe,
becuz of that bloody Benfica match,
I'd say we might still have a shot at winning the premier league.
9 points separate Chelsea and Man Utd now.
And just an additional note to myself,
We can't count on Arsenal to help us rob Chelsea's points.
Simply cuz... from the looks of it...
Its pretty impossible.
Arsenal sucks.

# I'm so sleepy.
Why arent I sleeping?!

# Andy is so nice. I owe him so much.

# The Veronicas is a good group.
Their songs are pretty sweet.

# How to lose a guy in 10 days is such a great movie!!

# My mosquito bites itch like madddd!!!

# oKay... Im ready to zonk.


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