December 16, 2005

Pissed. So Pissed.

Its been 12 days since my last entry...
I'm not sure if now is a good time to write,
becuz I'm feeling kinda bummed.

Today has been kinda rough.
It started out alritee...
But now, I'm in the pits.
Been feeling this way since Shaz, Selina and I came home from PickNPay.
Shaz brought up this issue about "something" that just totally made me blew my top.
Its not Shaz's fault...
Altho it partly is, becuz he did bring it up and wouldnt let the topic go!
Selina and I cleaned the entire house today.
Dad is arriving tomorrow and we wanna give him a good impression of the house.

I just can't seem to shake off this feeling.
This feeling of annoyance and anger.

I guess its a good thing I can be alone tonite.
Cuz Shaz's car is busted.
So I guess there's no point asking him to come over.
Besides, I dont know how I'd react to him.
Not sure if I'm capable of acting like I'm fine...
I'm just gonna go watch Armageddon (sp?) and use that as a reason to cry.

Irresponsible, inconsiderate, immature, selfish and mindless people pisses me off!

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Ah_Mike said...

Wah, why so angry...