December 16, 2005

Random Thoughts. Random Me.

My mind is reeeling...
Despite me being in a fowl mood,
I can't help wanting to write down all the random things running tru my mind at the moment.
You'll see how random they are. Just read on.
  • I hate money problems.
  • I can't help feeling all fluttery when Iik Soon called from KK yesterday.
  • I wanna go back to Malaysia!! NOW!
  • I'm so tired.
  • I need to eat something sweet.
  • Remember to mop the floor tomorrow.
  • Yay! Dad's arriving tomorrow!
  • Darn.. I wont be able to see Shaz as much as usual after dad comes.
  • I'm so sticky. I need a bath.
  • I feel like answering a survey on friendster's bulletin.
  • Ouch... whats that pain in my neck?!
  • Whats Shaz doing?
  • Damn I'm so angry!
  • Do I want Shaz to call...?
  • I dont think I wanna talk on the phone.
  • Whats Shaz doing?
  • I feel so frustratedd!!!
  • Do I wanna watch Armageddon?
  • Ben Afflect.
  • Shit... My palms are peeling...
  • I'm sleepy.
  • Should I talk to Shaz before going to bed?
  • Damn... Need to go to Uni tomorrow.
  • Fcukin' review!! Just give me those extra marks already!!!
  • Damn.... I dun wanna re-sit.
  • I dont wanna make dad spend another $2000!
  • Xmas is almost here.
  • Need to wrap dad and mum's presents.
  • Why's my hair so oily?!
  • aaAhhh... My nails chipped!!!
  • Feel like playing guitar...
  • I hate money... or more like, NOT having money.
  • I hate people spending money recklessly.
  • I hate disappointing my parents.
  • Is my laptop reli ok? (kena hujan jez now)
  • Damn my malay sucks.
  • Did Fendy go out with Iik Soon again?
  • I miss Iik Soon.
  • Why do I miss Iik Soon?
  • Ivan is so annoying. In a good way.
  • I miss Ivan.
  • God, I need to bath.
  • Daddy arriving tomorrow!
  • I'm so confused.
  • Frustrated, and confused.
  • *now I feel like screaming*
  • Ok. Shower time.


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