December 24, 2005

Meeting the Parents

Shaz is coming over for a Xmas Eve dinner tonite.
Thats in... umm... 18 hours.
*fingers crossed*
But he'll be introduced as a friend...
So I guess that eases the nerves a little?

My prediction?

I'd say dad would use the opportunity to tease him.
Thats if he's not too busy with his own friends.
Mum would as usual be passing judgments on Shaz to me secretly when Shaz isn't around.

I'm guessing Shaz would be much more quiet than usual.
Probably until he starts playing PS2...
Or when Jeremy tease him or something.
But aside from that,
I'm guessing he'd probably be completely mute.
And I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to recognise his "uncomfortable" look.
lol I hope he'll be able to just be himself...
Cuz if he can manage that,
I'm sure everyone would love him.

As for me...
I'm guessing tomorrow I'd be like how I always am.
Extra polite in front of the older guests,
like daddy and mummy's friends...
(like always)
And I'd be like normal in front of others.
Cyrus would be coming over too.
So that'd be fun.

Did I mention that Cyrus and Shaz has never spoken to each other before?
They're so funny when put together...
No matter what, they dont talk to each other directly.
They'd rather keep passing messages from one to the other through either me or Selina...
hahHaa goofballs...

But nwayz,
I'm trying to decide how I should act when I'm with Shaz in front of my parents.
Should I make a mental note to avoid physical contact?
Not sit close?
I know I'd do the exact opposite of that.

Just watch.

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