December 22, 2005

Battery LOw...

As usual,
I just got off the phone with Shaz.
Actually, we got cut off...
Cuz my mobile went dead on me.

He did 95% of the talking tonite.
I feel really bad for him.
U see,
Mum arrived today and she's currently asleep in Sheena's room.
Dad on the other hand is sleeping in the guest room downstairs.
Which means,
I can't talk when I'm upstairs...
Nor can I talk when I'm downstairs...
Talk, as in, talk to Shaz.
And did I mention my parents are sleeping with their doors wide open?!
*pulls hair from head, hurting own scalp*
All I could manage was whispers.
Whispers that was barely audible.
So Shaz not only had to talk all the way...
He had to strain his ear to try to catch my muffled whispery replies.
I've really put Shaz in so much trouble.
I wonder why he sticks around... *sigh*
Truth to be told,
There's so many other girls out there.
Girls who would be dying to introduce Shaz to their parents.
Girls who could offer Shaz a clear and happy future together...
My point is,
He really doesn't need this from me.

My family... all 5 of us.. are back under one roof.
As much as I hate being away from Shaz,
I have to say I'm very excited to be with my family again~
Can't wait to do more catching up!
I even miss mum's naggings!!

Dad is definitely inviting his friends over for Xmas eve.
Today we were talking about it,
and dad said to ask Shaz to come over as well.
I told Shaz jez now...
He said he might have other plans.
But I'll live.
I wonder what we're doing for New Year?
And would I be able to kiss Shaz at 12am?

Im beat.
I'm so deprived of sleep, I could just die.
This morning I slept at almost 6am...
And dad woke me at 10am to tell me his friend was coming over.
And he was hoping I could probably clean the house a little.
So I got up and did just that.
After that,
I couldn't get back to sleep.
So yeaa... That was my sleep disaster.

Well... Its 3.11am now...
And I'm hitting the sack.
Lets see what time I NEED to get up tomorrow.
Wish me luck!!
I'm praying for at least 10am!!!!

ps: Man Utd is in the semis for the Carling Cup! YAY!

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