September 5, 2006

.fun strangers.

2nd Sept: Brisbane RiverFire

Its an annual thing where Brissie people celebrate their "Brisbane River".
I dont know why they're so proud of it,
But I get to see fireworks.
So who cares.

Nwayz, here are some of my pics from that nite:

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This last pic is actually a waterfall-like fireworks display coming from under Victoria Bridge.

For more pics of the fireworks,
(nicer ones)
Check out:
Thats James' RiverFire experience.
And he obviously has the better camera.

Nwayz, that nite ended quite funny-ly.
When I was making my way back from Southbank to the City to catch my bus,
(I was alone cuz Lalat and I headed to separated bus stops)
I was approached by a guy.
His first line was "Do u know what time it is?"

From there,
We just kept talking.
I learnt that he was 23, born in Sydney,
Arrived in Brisbane 2 weeks ago,
His name is Philip.
Dad is from Iran and mum is Lebanese.
He's the 2nd child of 2 brothers and a sister.
Lives in Sunnybank, where his bro owns a restaurant.
HAHAA... I know its alot!!
(and there's more actually!!)
But it was a bloody long walk from Southbank to the city!!
And there was a human-jam on Victoria bridge...!!

I admit I can be pretty talkative when I wanna be.
But honestly,
I didn't start most of the topics.
In fact, I was pretty cold in my response.
(at least I was at first)
But u know...
The dude was walking beside u,
And you're stuck between so many people,
You can't just keep quiet rite?

So yeaa...
The funny bit was when he asked me if I wanted to get dinner.
And when I lied that I alredy eaten,
He asked if I wanted to get a drink,
Which I said I'll pass becuz I was gonna head home,
To which he responded with an invitation to watch a movie.
He said he wanted to catch "Snakes on the plane".
I admit, it was flattering of him to ask...
But I lied that I already watched it.
I can't just say "Oookay!" to a stranger's invitation rite?!
My mum taught me better. ^^
So yea, after that,
I got on the bus and went home.
(and yes, he walked me to my bus stop)

The story actually goes on when I got on the bus,
Where I met this family who were acting as host parents for this dude from Germany.
The German dude's english was funny, in a really cute way.
His host parents were really fun to talk to too.
Not to mention their little gal, who was so energetic and bubbly.
She was a bag of fun!
Not to mention a bag of gas...
She farted on the bus right next to me!
Then she kept laughing, and I poked her ribs and said,
"Heeey... how could youuuu...!"
She didn't stop laughing from then on.
Not to mention the German dude was busy tickling her.
What was cute was how he kept looking up and smiling at me.
haHaa probably proud to show me he's so good with kids.
But yea,
Good move dude.
That did earn him some brownie points.

Then the little gal helped me ring the bell at my stop,
and the family said goodnite to me before I got off.
It was a nice feeling.
They were really nice people.

It was a sweet ending to a beautiful nite.

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