September 17, 2006

.a question for everyone.

You know...
Some words carry different significants for different people.
Some words mean something different for every different people.
& Some words may mean more to some people that it does for others.

So how do you know what the words meant to one person,
If it is said or unsaid to you?

Lets say,

When someone says:
"You mean alot to me."

Some people may think that means
they're the most precious thing in another person's life,
Whilst some others may think
they just mean more than the other people in that person's life.

Or when someone says:
"Im very hungry."

To some people, it may mean,
"Im so hungry that if I dont eat now, I'll faint."
And to some others, they may think,
"My stomach feel empty. Lets get food."

The first interpretation would make the line you say mean something much much more,
While the other would make the line seem like u have a point, but its not exactly "Wow"...
You get what Im saying?

So when someone says something like that to you,
how do you know which one they meant?

But more important for me to know now is,

What do u do when u say or dont say something,
But the other person doesn't understand why,
becuz to them,
It doesnt mean what you're thinking it means?

- Im pretty sure I lost most of you.

Its alrite.
I'll try to work it out on my own.

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