September 26, 2006

.i dont know.

I had a hair cut today...
I got a fringe.
I dont think I look much different though.
Hmm... Actually that was yesterday.
(cuz now is already past 12am)

I also cooked a full dinner for my housemates.
Steamed fish, made stir fry pork and mushroom + taufu puffs,
and also fried a vege-dish.
I think it was not bad.
Yay to me.

I also managed to wash the girls' bathroom.
Spent an hour just scrubbing and scrubbing.
Thank God its over.

Today was pretty productive.

The two days before that was terrible though.
I was going through a major-PMS-mood swing.
Then again,
With the stuff that happened,
How could I NOT be mood-swinging!

Aside from the cruel fact that MU only managed to bag 2 points in their latest EPL match,
(and it was only friggin' Reading!!)
On one of the nights,
As I was putting on my shoe to walk out the house,
and balancing myself by holding on the side of the door,
A strong wind blew,
and the door came slamming on my fingers.

- and I really do mean *sobs*...
It hurt so bad I couldn't hold back the tears.
*sobs sobs sobs*

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The same night,
I had a nightmare...
I woke up the next morning crying.
I dreamt that I lost my dad...
It was terrifying!!
I called my dad straight away and continued crying.
His voice was comforting.
I miss dad so so so much.....

Later that day,
I had to work.
With sore fingers and a terrible start to the day,
It made working extra tough.

I hope the bad stuffs are over for now.
Im gonna have fun at Gold Coast on Wednesday.
But first,
I need to survive working 7 hours tomorrow.
Wish me luck!

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