September 10, 2006

.odd things.

It's 5.22am and here I am... Blogging.
I'd say to some people,
That's odd.

Probably not to James though.
I'm guessing he might be watching Ocean's 11 right now.
It was funny how I passed the DVD to James today.
Odd enough,
We met in the middle of the road,
In front of a few cars waiting at the traffic light.

Its odd how Im feeling so tired right now,
Yet I refuse to hit the showers and curl up in bed.

Its also odd how I could just sit here,
With my laptop on my lap for almost an hour,
Just sitting here browsing through my friend's pics on Friendster.

It's odd to see how my High School friends have changed.
Odd in a very good way.
They look so much more mature now.
With their own new found life.
I also noticed how most of them were 'In a Relationship' now.
Its comforting knowing they're happy.

It's odd how yesterday Groovy sent me to uni,
And Shaz sent me home.
Groovy being my current sweetheart,
And Shaz being my former.

Its odd how yesterday night my ex sent me home,
And on the same night,
Groovy's ex sent him home.
He was at a party and was drinking,
So he arranged to have his ex send him home.
Impressively responsible...
*thumbs up*

It was odd to see the pink ornament in Shaz's car...
(more like "still" in Shaz's car)
I tried my best to ignore it.

Its odd doing this assignment with Shaz again.
It was after we did this assignment 2 semesters ago,
We got together.
Can't believe that was almost a year ago.
Its odd how time just flies.

Its odd how listening Ne-Yo's Sexy Love gives me goosebumps.
(In a good way)
I love the song.
It turns me on.

Its odd how the more I type,
The more upset I feel.

Its odd how tonite feels so cold.

Its odd how I suddenly feel like crying.

Its odd how things suddenly dont seem as great.

I think it's just a 'caught in the moment' thing.
With Celine Dion singing "Immortality" in my ears,
Who wouldn't go into the super-dreamy-land rite?

By the way,
I watches "Serendipity" on DVD last night.
I've decided that I definitely want to own the DVD.
Yea, Im odd.
I know.

ps: Man Utd 1 - 0 Tot Spurs!!

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