September 7, 2006

.changed by him.

I noticed a change in me recently.
It is possible to notice changes in yourself rite?
and Im talking about mental change,
not physical.
Im still meaty.

But anyway,
Back to what I was saying...
I really do feel a change.

I noticed that I've been more daring when it comes to talking to people.
People I've never use to talk to,
Even strangers.

The best example is:
I use to be really quiet and to-myself when I'm in class.
You know, tutorials..
Cuz I dont know them,
They dont know me...
So you basically just shut up and do your own thing.
I know my english..
Everytime I talk to an Aussie person,
I get tongue tied.
And my confidence drops pretty quick,
and I'd start feeling like an idiot.

But it was just recently when all these thoughts didn't seem to exist anymore.
Now, I just say whatever that comes to mind.
Talk to whoever that strikes my fancy.
Talk about ANYTHING as long as it pleases me.
And it feels so liberating!
And that just makes me... Happy.

And honestly,
You know what...?
I think this is all becuz of Groovy.

Hanging out and being really close to him kinda changed me.
I never use to be so crazily open with people.
Groovy taught me to... u know... loosen up.
He makes me feel like everything is really... "no biggie".
Problems are only as big as you think it is,
and that there's many other worse things happening out there.
Life is suppose to be lived happily...
and Worries?......Why Worry?

You know what I mean?

He's truly inspirational.
I admire him for being so care-free,
Yet able to maintain a serious side.
A side that says:
"Yes, I can be funny, but dont mess with me."

And the best of em' all is that he's got a soft spot for me.
That's the sweetest bit.

He's one awesome guy.

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