September 14, 2006

.on and off as i like.

You how sometimes when you say things that starts with "I wish..."?
Be careful when you use lines like that.
You never know what may happen.

I remember saying,

"I wish feelings had an on/off button."

I noticed how I can truly turn my feelings on and off as I like.
It's like, my mind really does listen when I say,
"Don't get upset about that!"
"Dont think about him!"

I've tested it.
Everytime Im upset,
I tell myself,
"Dont be"...
And within minutes,
I'm able to block out the entire thing and resume normalcy.
(If you know what I mean)

I think its really the power of the mind that ultimately controls the heart.
I think I've really begun to master the art of denying my heart.
"Begun"... meaning I'm not entirely there yet,
But hey,
I might just get there...

I might just be able to control my heart with my mind.
Its probably against nature,

But hey...
I get to keep myself focused on what really matters.
Sounds good to me.

At the moment,
I'm trying to use the power of my mind to tell myself,
"Tattoos wont hurt. GET ONE!"

^^ We'll see what happens.

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