July 15, 2009

.your life's passerby.

ever so randomly at work today, a 'window shopper' outside my store told me about her husband who died of cancer at the age of 48. she teared up. she said its been a while, but from recently travelling to australia to visit her son, seeing him, apparently a replica of her late husband always brought back the longing and aching from all those years.

she said its been so long but she still loved him so, and had since never met anyone that came close to him. her tale warmed my heart and i gave her a hug.

she then told me -

"when you meet him, you will know. you will know he's the one you want to marry. i knew right away. trust your gut instincts and nobody else. you will know!"

and then she said goodbye and walked away. i never got her name and she wasn't an existing customer. i realized i will probably never see her again.

i realized... she had become a person who had randomly walked into my life just to shine some romantic optimism on my lost-confused-and-skeptical little heart. her words truly touched something inside of me.

julia said, maybe she's my angel... [in a way] hmm... spooky how these things work sometimes, hey?

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