July 20, 2009

.my FB status cherry popped!.

i've been a facebook user for quite some time now... and have actually not displayed a real relationship status before. the closest was when i was in a "r'ship" with sheena bobina ;)

now look!! :) my first!! weeeHheeeee!!!

aaaand another great news! [if its not already obvious enough] my boyfriend has officially been converted to facebook!! haHa yay! :) the winning chip was knowing this would be the best way to stay in contact with the friends he has made during his time australia... *awww* :)

ANYWAY... wwwweeeheeeee!!!

i like it. :)
i like it very much.
HAHA. :)

the things that amuses me. im so lame. :P


۞ D! ۞ said...


minuteman said...

Your first?haha!methinks congrats is in the way.Glad to know ur relationship is flourishing!Proof that theres some good news in this sad sad world :)