July 24, 2009

.how we strike-out men.

last night, my girls and i dived into a few bottles of bubbly to celebrate... umm... sheena's graduation? lol a mini pre-celebration anyway. :) it was nice. straw in a champagne bottle... woot woot!


a few weeks ago, i learnt something cute. apparently, im not the only one who "tries to picture myself making out with the guy" before deciding whether i wanted to date him.

here's how it works:

if i see myself feeling weird or worse, disgusted at the idea of making out with the dude, its a straight "No thanks!". if not, i'd consider. and if i can imagine myself completely enjoying it and even looking forward to it, it's a definite yes. :)

my girlfriend [i shall not name her] even said, "i pictured him naked, and thought, 'ewwww...'."

*strike out!*

so yea. haHa! i thought this was such a guy thing to do... but hey! apparently other girls do it too!

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