July 16, 2009

.insensitivity hurts.

"get over it."

three words a guy, especially a boyfriend is never suppose say to a girl when she tells you she has a problem. other similar phrases are such as -

"its not that big of a deal."
"you're pissed at me just because of that?"
"you're just overreacting."
"you're being a child. there are bigger problems out there."

its just not sensitive. and being unsensitive to us, hurts. :(


btw... this post is totally random. no, my baby and i are fine. :) its our 6 months since-we-first-met anniversarry at midnight!! wooHoo!


OlynXes said...

i often get... "ur just looking for something to be upset about" arhhhhhhhh i hate that!!!!! just because they don't get it, doesn't mean it shouldn't matter!

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

lol oooohh that is annoying!!! LOL poor u!! but u know, guys... tsk tsk tsk... we wonder what goes tru their heads sometimes...esp when it comes to women.