July 13, 2009

.sydney, we did it again.

holy crap. i got back from my sydney trip almost 48 hours ago, and i'm still feeling super exhausted. granted, i worked both the days right after i got back and havent had a decent shut eye since.

so tired!

driving to sydney and back is definitely an adventure. especially when its night time, raining and you find yourself stuck on the mini highway in a 3 hour post-oil-tank-on-fire accident clean up. sirens blaring in the dark, zooming past all the other unfortunate and tired drivers who had turned their car engines and lights off, leaving the streets pitch black. one word, scary.

i'll write more when im more awake. shouldn't have joined my baby to watch that "doubt" movie... i feel even more drained now! :( till then, here's a little something from the trip. i'd imagine more will surface on facebook in due course -

.the four musketeers.

.reunited with family and my best friend on GSG day!!.

.my baby & i.

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