July 3, 2009

.6 days worth of crap.


.im heading to sydney on monday.
.i cant wait till i dont need to save every penny i have in my account for this blasted sydney trip.
.i need to buy moisturizer... im cracking up.
.winter is not fun.
.nanda fixed up my hair's regrowth and gave me a fringe. yay! thanks babe!.
.i found a brilliant software to download youtube videos! [any video converter].
# perhaps not the 'legalest' thing to do.
.my baby bought me new boots! for no reason too! wheee!.
.i cleaned out the old stuffs in my room!!.
.i cleaned out my clothes too!!.
.im so tired.
.oh!! and i became nanda's face model for her napoleon perdis make-up artist course!.
[pictures will be posted in due course]

.:random blabs from work:.

.working 4 days a row is going to damage my left ankle. no kidding.
.i need an idea for an awesome costume for a "black and white" themed party at work.
.i made a man buy a $1,550 ring he wasn't after just by talking about random things to him.
[for almost an hour mind u!]
.i witnessed a grown son whistling his mum for attention when he was trying on sunnies at sheena's shop.
[so rude!!]

.:just random:.

."so you think you can dance" is back on channel 10!.
.this dancer, tony, is really cute.
.he looks a bit like my baby.

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Nanda said...

big week huh???? enjoy ur trip babe....!!!