July 29, 2009

.needed: a pillar of strength.

i've found two important requirements / conditions / characteristics [among many others? ;)] for a guy who wants to be my guy [long term] -

1. i need him to be very sure that he really wants to be with me, because that will give him a solid reason to fight and work hard on keeping us together when things get rough. even IF i lose faith [i can be weak that way...], he'd be strong enough to fight for the both of us, trusting that if he hangs on, i'll follow his strong lead [which i will]. afterall, relationships are hard work. so if he can lead by example? :) be the man?

2. i need him to love me more than his pride. i don't want a wuss or a guy with no stance, but i dont want a guy who would rather hurt me deeper than necessary [in a regular couple-type argument] just because he can't set his pride aside for a second to give us an opening to reconcile; cause YES, i am quite stubborn. so i really need him to be a little less, cuz usually, if he can just start apologizing first, [childish, i know] i will usually follow suit! hence... i need a guy who'd not let his pride come between us, even when mine does.

THERE! too much to ask already? heheee....

p.s. who posted a comment as erwann in one of my older posts?? so not cool dudeee....


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Anonymous said...

Yawn.. thanks..

Placement officially finishing next wed... wheee