August 4, 2009

.sherlene misses sherlene.

for some reason, it suddenly dawned on me that i haven't had time for myself lately. i haven't had time to sit around and get bored.

i know, in some ways, its a blessing. but in another way, it can be... draining?

i realized, i'm either surrounded with people, or alone but with a million things to catch up on. dont get me wrong, i love spending time with friends and devoting my weekend to my boyfriend. i also dont mind working 6 days a week for the money...

but somehow, it just feels... there's nothing i've done lately without having to feel like i'm rushing. i'm always rushing for work. rushing to meet up with people. rushing to bed. rushing to grocery shop, do my laundry, drive out to somewhere. even blogging. there's always this feeling at the back of my head, urging me to finish it up so i can do the next thing i've got down on my mental list.

see, when was the last time i was able to sit in my room, listen to music with random day dreams in my mind - guilt free & uninterrupted? and when was the last time i was able to pick up my guitar to write a song?

those things may seem insignificant to you or to most people... but yea, *deep breath* ...thats me. and hell, since when did i start feeling so tired all the time? :( [perhaps my aching wisdom tooth is no help either]

but dear friends, there's no hidden message in this post. i'm content with my choices... i'm just greedy. :)

ps: i had a good time bowling last nite... :) im gonna make it a regular thing now!

me said to my babe: "if you strike this one, it'd mean i'm verrrryy special!"
[his first strike of the nite!]

also... my baby learnt how to use the chopsticks. hahaa *clap clap*
he's so adorably proud of himself. :P

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