August 17, 2009

.our seventh month.

2nd cervical cancer vaccination today. i have to say, ouch! despite loving the needle/injection sensation (as always), this one quite surprised me. i felt the needle through and through, and felt the ache (like a post-first-time-playing-badminton muscle ache) seeping into every corner of my upper arm...

good thing i had my support system. the boyfriend. :) he made it! was by my side the whole time, looking more worried than i was. so schweet. :)

also, its our 7th month anniversary. whoa. 7 months! :) we had our ups and downs; moments we wanted to kill each other; moments we wanted to bitch a hundred years about each other's annoying habits and antics... but regardless, viola! at the end of the day, we're here. AND HAPPY. :) :) making up is awesome. - and not forgetting, he bought me another awesome gift! [pictures might be posted later]

this saturday, im attending his work's BBQ. apparently we'll be playing a game of touch football. yep, you didn't read wrong. ME. TOUCH. FOOTBALL. *laughs nervously* Will definitely keep u posted!

ps: Sheensie is graduating tomorrow!! CONGRATZ!!!! xxoxoxx

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