August 8, 2009

.the first moment.

was on the phone with a friend today. he was one of the few people who had witnessed the first few moments between my baby and i when we first met...

he mentioned it to me today, saying:

"i won't forget that night. how you saw him and just fell into his arms. it was love at first sight."

[okay, he didn't say that specifically. i sugar coated the middle bit, but he did call it 'love at first sight'... which is essentially the point.]

... my response:

"awww... *as usual* its not lovvveeee.... we don't do loveee..."

but really, we agreed that we won't. no love business. there u go.

still, i thought it was sweet that a friend remembered one of me and my baby's very first moment... :)

[ignoring the fact that i was actually piss drunk *more so than ever!* and could barely stand on my own two feet (among many other things), and till now have no recollection or actual memory of the event/events of that night. sigh. im a lost cause. but in my defence, it was my birthday celebration!]

mind you, despite all the above, i do acknowledge that the events of that night was kinda bitter sweet. [out of respect, i shouldn't just shove that fact aside; but at the same time, i shall not dive into all that again.]

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