August 22, 2009

.some PERSONAL asian men turn offs.

in my OWN and VERY OWN HUMBLE opinion...

... i think oriental asian guys who has nice buff looking bodies absolutely SHOULD NOT CARRY BAGS WITH COLOURFUL LITTLE TEDDY BEARS HANGING OFF THEM... because it just looks so stupid. come on! whats up with that??

some kinda trend where you try to pull off looking macho and cute both at the same time?seriously??

you've got the manly body! u've got it! its ever so rare! so work it! BE A MAN!! not a snob, but a man... be funny, be crazy, go nuts... but leave the teddies at home!

... ALSO, whats up with those big and loose round collared t-shirts? i dont mean the shirt is loose, i mean the round neck collar... that big, loose, old looking collars... its like he's been sleeping in it the night before, if not the entire weekend...

but ANYWAY...

im sorry to sound so critical. MAYBE some of these looks work for some asian men, although i bet it'd only be for the really genetically blessed ones. (ie: those with cute/hot faces to begin with, so they can dress up in ANYTHING and still look good)

and the only reason i blogged about this tonight is because i admittedly checked out some cute looking guys on the bus today, and remember thinking "hmm, some asian guys can actually look really hot"... BUT then i was thoroughly disappointed when i saw his bag with the little teddy bears. and another dude with that disgusting/unflattering collar.

perhaps its their girlfriends' way to keep girls away. a little method called "MAKE YOUR BOYFRIEND LOOK RETARDED"... well geewiz. it works!

ok. the bitchiness ends here. goodnight.

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