August 2, 2009

.say i'm a bird! [from the notebook].

watched the notebook with my darling tonight...

if you've watched it, you'll remember the "say i'm a bird!!" part? :)

well, after the movie, i hugged my sweetheart and said to him, "say i'm a bird..."

he laughed. "you can't use the same one babe."

"okay, say i'm a snail!" i chirped. [i dont know why a snail... it was the first thing that popped to mind]

... "if you're a snail, i'm a snail."

:) c'mon everybody! *awww in unison!*

... and then he said, "baby... whats a snail?"


*it was later worked out that he didn't get my pronounciation, rather than not understand the word. haha afterall, frogs, snails... isn't that what french people live to eat? haHa!

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