August 2, 2009

.lost... & found.

ever had this happen to you?

at my staff meeting last week, i thought i lost my scarf. i only realized 3 hours later when i had to rush off to a staff training. rushing and panicking, i ran to the coffee shop [where we had the meeting] and spoke to one of the staffs.

"i was here earlier, at that table. i think i dropped my scarf?"

"oh? wait a sec, i'll go check at the back."

so he did.

now here's the twist. while he was at the back, looking, i rummaged through my handbag and somehowwww... found my scarf balled up in there. [damn big handbags!] but yea, it was there! it was bloody there! *a bitter sweet reunion indeed!*

SOOoo anywayyyy... when the poor dude came back, he told me apologetically "sorry, it appears no one has found it..."

i bit my lower lip. *to confess or not to confess?* GAH!

he then turned to his colleague and asked "did you see a scarf around?"

*shit shit shit... more people was getting involved!*

"oh.. did you ask the back..?" the colleague asked, and they went on discussing...

that was when i FINALLY interjected... saying... "i must've dropped it somewhere else. thanks anyway guys. i'll just keep looking." and i fled.

a cowardly act, i know...


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