August 13, 2009

.the heart weeps; its been a whole day.

attended a black and white awards night on tuesday. it was a work thing. my store went as the phantom of the opera, hence the mask. was a pretty cool night. i came in top #5 in watch sales twice, which was unexpected. yay! i can sell! (at least im good at something.)

anyway, sheenie boo's parents will be arriving here on friday night. looking forward to be around family again (close enough anyway)
- and especially with adults!

cervical cancer vaccination due soon... might go on monday. im guessing, alone, this time.

and yes, i'm still unhappy; although it seems like i'm the only one. it got me thinking, alot. thats never a good thing. (... and yes yes, its obviously boyfriend trouble.) but anyway, i'm gonna stay calm for now. upset, but calm. however that works.

work tomorrow. full day. ciao!

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