April 25, 2008

.10 thoughts before bed.


(1) i just took a look in the mirror and noticed i hav blood shot eyes... im so sleepy. why am i still here?

(2) i seriously do value my parents' opinion more than i'd like to admit.

(3) sudden impulse actions can be very damaging. what do you do when its already done and you totally regret caving in to that sudden rush of emotions?

(4) i've become MORe opinionated and outspoken. (didn't think it was possible.) bad thing is, i dont think its for the better.

(5) chantal kreviazuk's feels like home makes me happy and sad at the same time. possibly reflecting how im feelin atm. unsure of whether im content or not.

(6) do i want it?

(7) i havent been truthful with my emotions alot these couple of months... or maybe even years. perhaps bad enough i can't say those 3 words; now i even find it hard to say "i like u"... or "i like him"... or "i really dont like her"... "yes, i want you." - without over thinking things. i need to try to be more honest and upfront about my feelings without feelin the need to hide or be embarassed.

(8) i hope stan isn't reading this, but i almost "severely injured" sheena, selina and melissa today with my reckless driving. sigh. wont happen again!! *touchwood*

(9) again, hoping stan don't read this and reflecting on #7 at the same time about trying to be more honest with my feelings, i hate him for leaving brisbane. ok, maybe not hate. but im seriously contemplating buying handcuffs and cuffing him to a tree in brisbane, just so he can't go.

(10) i shud sleep before more crap comes outta my mouth. sigh. lets hope another long nite of sleep would make me feel better.


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۞ D! ۞ said...

hugs hugs. i less than three you.