April 26, 2008

.all in a day.

Man Utd just got back in the game!!
1-1 at 57:15mins... Rooney scored from a Chelski blunder!!

The girls and I took a drive down to Coolangatta, Kirra and a little bit of Tweed Head today.
Mainly to send Mel off to KL at Coolangatta airport,
but then later decided to make a detour to a nearby town around the area.
Awesome trip.
500+ pictures in that short 5 hours.

Enjoyed the view and the beach sooo much.
Never thought I missed the beach as much as I did when I saw the ocean at Point Danger.
Again, I was able to step foot at two places at once. :)

Here are a couple of pics I liked most:-
(trust me, there are many many others! - facebook now holds 70% of them.)

The night before (if 2-3am is considered the night before),
The girls decided to make cupcakes.
Actually, Sheena made cupcakes.
But the girls got together to decorate. :)
Fun times.
But mine's the ugliest of the lot.

One's dedicated to a friend.
Lets see if he can make out which one.



Jason Phoon said...

is that a turtle or a green car ?

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

:P u're registered on blogspot?

mr jp said...

erm , whoops, wrong login.

yeah, I have that login to comment on some blogs long time ago, when i used to comment anyways.

MsMusicJunkie said...

hahahahaha.. he thinks its a car too.