April 28, 2008

.seeking to be understood.

i desperately needed a new love song in my life; a sudden urge on a very ordinary night.

i think its becuz im feeling lots of mixed emotions atm, and need a song to explain my feelings. im certain that i'd know what i'm truly feeling if a song's lyrics stick.

here is the list of songs i ended up with. havent had the chance to seriously go through them, so i havent gotten my answer yet... will keep u posted.

1. love song - sara bareilles
2. stop and stare - onerepublic
3. realize - colby caillat
4. bye bye - mariah carey
5. beautiful soul - jesse mccartney (i told u i had an urge!)
6. when you look me in the eyes - jonas brothers
7. heavent sent - keyshia cole
8. take a bow - rihanna**
9. work - kelly rowland
10. go on girl - neyo
11. fall for you - secondhand serenade*
12. crying out for me - mario
13. whatever it takes - lifehouse
14. potential breakup song - aly and aj
15. the best you never had - leona lewis
16. footprints in the sand - leona lewis
17. a million love songs - shayne ward
18. a million love songs - take that (original version)
19. angel - leona lewis
20. better in time - leona lewis
21. i will be - leona lewis
22. yesterday - leona lewis*
23. i remember - keyshia cole*
24. take a bow - leona lewis (different song from rihanna's)
25. touch my body - mariah carey

sorry bout the leona frenzie. i heard her sing live today, and thought she was simply amazing. :) the ones with an * are those i see myself liking more than the others at the moment.



Anonymous said...

my fav - fallfor you secondhand serenade.
and take a bow sang by rihanna :D

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

at the moment, im hooked on leona lewis' "yesterday"... :)

and yea, rihanna's take a bow is reli nice too!