January 26, 2009

.CNY blues.

its the 26th january 2009:

i opened my eyes to a day that feels like every other day.  there were no house-to-house kids-scaring drum beats going around. there were no obgligatory reasons to get out of bed, like having to go to the temple, leave the house by the auspicious hour, visit grandma's house for the first meal of the year...

i crawled out of bed and into the shower, determined to give today a fresher start. i told myself to get dressed anyway, regardless. but once back in my room, i realised... i didn't wash myself with the "cleansing pamelo leaves" and water last night. and on top of that, i've got nothing new to wear. no new clothes, under garments, shoes, anything! does this mean i will be bringing last years misfortunes over to this new ox year?


i wish i was with the rest of my family. back in kk where i belong. CNY sucks without them. 

on the up side though, today is Australia Day, so in Australia, everyone is celebrating too. (although, yes, they do celebrate CNY to a certain extent) so, perhaps joining the Australia Day celebration would make me feel less out of place?

sigh. oh well. there you go, my first sigh (on my blog) for the new year. have a great one people! i'll hang in there!


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