January 7, 2009

.just me, yapping.

listening: gabe bondoc on youtube.
mood: super duper sleepy and dont understand why im still sitting here.

i noticed this year, i seem to be more aware of the lessons i've learnt throughout the past many years. about life, people, friends and boy/girl relationships. the funny thing is, i feel like i've always known these things... but just havent openly admitted or accepted it as a fact.

the even funnier thing is, despite realizing all these things... i make no effort to change. laziness or stubborness, you tell me?

by the way, new years resolution progress updates?

well, i was gonna control my patience, but i failed. was gonna quit swearing, but it has been tremendously difficult and i'm already partially giving up trying. was gonna be less argumentative, but nope, havent been able to hold my tongue at all. normal sleeping patterns? no where near.

i just hope my high energy (despite being severely deprived of sleep) will continue. i'm still feelin very positive about 2009. now i just have to make the most of it.

someone gimme a job!!

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