January 13, 2009

.his shirt.

sheensie shared a song with me today. shontelle's "t-shirt"... have to agree with her, it is pretty catchy. [not sure if sheens blogged about this already, but anywayz]

T-Shirt - Shontelle

wonder how it feels to be THAT much addicted to / dependent on / vulnerable / affected by a guy. im sure i was once her. with his tshirt and all. now, where did that 'me' go?

maybe i became less trusting of a guy to be able to look after / guide / support me; or maybe i've just met one too many guys whose shirt i'd rather burn than wear to bed. hehee... i should stop thinkin' about this.

but yea, this song is pretty good. :) kinda makes me wanna wear someone's tshirt to bed. lol.

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MsMusicJunkie said...

nice song! :D