January 12, 2009

.while watching the golden globe.

SO derek, selina and my birthday party plans are quickly coming together. saturday @ friday's riverside. should be fun? will keep u posted.

"just another cinderella story" - yep, a chick flick. very teenage in fact. but i really liked it. a big reason could be becuz the guy really looks like c.ronaldo. that got me hooked on the show really quick. also, the fact that it revolves around dance and music. :) - oh, and romance of course.

andrew seeley (ronaldo look-alike?)

anywayz, im gonna shower and sleep. *yawwwwn* btw... my eyes might have an infection. im still coughing and sneezing, my throat is still burning and my eyes are constantly watering. sigh. wish me luck. may i be well, fun and fabulous by saturday night!!!

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MsMusicJunkie said...

eye infection. what have you been looking at?

party? i wanna go! :( dont forget to invite eudo,he'll be me. tag him as me in every photo! hahahahahahahhaa..

btw, i bought u a birthday present! but idk who'll bring it to you so you gotta wait till i get back. but shh, dont tell YCC, i didnt buy anything for her. ... yet. maybe. idont know. bye!