January 28, 2009

.was he for real?.

this convo took place on a sunny day at southbank in front of the brisbane wheel -

*a 40 something year old man walks over to a 20 something year old girl who was standing near the wheel, waiting for a friend*

40: hello.
20: umm... hello.
40: so, do you know anything about the ferris wheel?
20: umm... not much. i know u pay to get on it.
40: ah yes... would you like to take a ride with me?
20: *uncomfortable laugh* umm... no thank you. i'm waiting for someone.
40: ah okay... i work at the conservatorium... *bla bla bla*... i write jazz music.... *more blas*... i was involved when this building *pointing at QPAC* was built...
20: ah... cool.
40: anyway, you just look so cute, i had to come over to say hello.
20: ... oh... thank you. you have a nice day.

*40 something year old man walks away, leaving 20 something year old girl feeling "whatta?"*


MsMusicJunkie said...

today we went to tanjung aru to play water and then got people with their kudas so we asked to take picture with them.

then when we were leaving a kid came up to ida and said, "tu laki yang bawa kuda mo number ko" HAHAHHA...

then she said."SUDA KAHWIN!"
and he said, "ohh. ba. tak pa lah kak!"

.lennie.sam.lee. said...