January 10, 2009


oh wow... now blogger has the "follower" option. kinda glams up the whole thing huh? specially when u've got 242 followers right off the bat. haHa joking. i've got 1. YES, ONE. - and im content. *hugs her baby sister*

nwayz, i've been making a real effort to turn my body clock around. in bed by 12-1am, and awake by 8-9am, and not becuz of work. :) so far, the true challenge is keeping myself awake. lol cant blame me though, rite? after all, im a person who's totally unfamiliar with "AM" activities...

... with the exceptions of exams periods, work obligations, occasional (and very rare) morning plans, and promises to drive people around...

so yea... a new year, a new me rite?

now, lets bet how long i can follow through. :)

p.s.: anyone with suggestions for morning plans, do shine some light this way!! (and yes, i'm already making arrangements to join a gym)

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MsMusicJunkie said...

lol the options been there since last year but your blog layout last time got no site feed. haha.. :D:D anyways. i've only started using not too long ago.

and i've been sleeping early toooo! :D yay stupid new year! lol