January 31, 2009

.so... which one is the real world?.

im not sure how i found my way to where i am today. its like im running two separate lives... kinda like a parallel universe. i know i've been doing things differently; acting differently, but i am still unsure whether i am at a good place right now.

last week, i felt as if i was at that point where... you know how right before you officially become a "bad person", you get a brief moment of clearness, where you can see both your options right in front of your eyes. you can either take steps back or think 'screw it' and go forth.

i felt like i was there. except, my options were to stay on the track where i can continue being the sherlene who thinks "i'm now 24, its time for me to find someone right to spend the rest of my life with" or the one who thinks "pfft. screw it. i wanna have fun".

so where am i right now? i don't know. but, i do know that i'm smiling alot. so... is this how being on the wrong side of the tracks feel? *shrugs* someday, i may look back at this entry and think, "sherlene, you are such an idiot."

so right now, let me also note right here to whatever decisions i've made recently...

"hey... *wink*"

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