January 5, 2009

.days in a nutshell: kinda.

happy new year 2009 my dear readers & fellow bloggers! :)

im almost a week late, but u see, stan just left. that'd explain why i'm blogging again. life has shifted from the 5th gear, back to 1st again. i miss him already.

to those who are here anticipating me and stan's "commercial video", bad news! the video format is not recognised by my movie editor, hence cant be edited. but when i find a good converter, i'll work on it alrite?

oh... this year has been good so far. fast paced, entertaining and rewarding, with just little set backs. :) pictures are on facebook!! all 7 albums of my past few days!! *overwhelmed* sneek peek -

somehow i feel different this year.
i feel refreshed. yea, i think thats the word. there's lots of things i wanna work on (about myself mainly). i've also noticed how i've been feeling more independent and even MORE friends oriented. its quickly becoming a strong (very strong) assurance of maintaining my singlehood.

but of course, at times i feel tired too. like now. but i think i just need sleep. sleep before i pump myself up for job hunting. :)

fav pic of the year, so far -

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sheena said...

CANNOT CANNOT CANNOT. I FORBID this being the pic of the year!!!!! for obvious reasons.