June 27, 2009

.clearing the junk yard; day #1.

omg. cleaning my room might take days. i started more than 8 hours ago, and im not done. [i had breaks in between of course - to eat, take a break and reminisce on the past with certain items.] and right now, cleaning has to stop because i need sleep before having to get up for work at 6.30am tomoz.

gosh. i sleep in bloody a junk yard. a junk yard with overflowing memories from my past 6 years in australia. throwing things away upsets me. :( although at the same time, the extra space makes up for it. gah. all these mixed emotions!

... and twice the GAHH cuz dust is everywhere. i guess i'll have to wear clothes to bed tonight. 2.27am. ok, time to ciao. nitey sleepy people!

p.s. i'll leave u with this video. my latest addiction!

gabe is awesome! :)

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