May 1, 2008

.are you game?.

this line is flashing in front of my eyes. its the question to more than one issue im facing in life rite now. am i game? am i?

those who has followed my journey and have seen how i got to where i am today would would have either one of these thoughts:

1) she's game. she's always game; or
2) its time for a change.

truth of the matter is, im with #2. im just too tired for these games now and am seeking sanctuary for my bruised, battered and ever-so-exhausted "full sized aortic pumps" as Joey Tribiani calls it.

i dont need anymore meaningless escapades. it does nothing for me now.

so am i game?


۞ D! ۞ said...

but but, meaningless escapades!

۞ D! ۞ said...

zomg 5:50am!

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

hey hey... dont encourage!! u need to play the role of the supportive dont-play-with-fire friend! :P

۞ D! ۞ said...

fire is so hot. in the good way!