May 19, 2008

.foreseeing my day getting worse.

.series of unfortunate events.:

1. woke up after dreaming mu lost at the finals.

2. tried on 3 different outfits for work, but felt ugly and fat in whatever i wore.

3. my front hair felt flat.

4. couldn't find a good sweater to match what i eventually decided to wear.

5. had to walk back home (after walking out half way) cuz we left the helium tank at home, which had to be returned to the shop today.

6. got on a 140 bus which was packed, and had to stand. (rarely ever happens)

7. while getting off the bus, the dumb bus driver closed the door on me, trapping me between the gap, and i had to literally squeeze myself out. selina was like "oh my godd... oh my god"... i squeeked a bit, like a trapped mouse, and felt numb after i eventually broke free. funny how i wasn't in shock, embarassed or anything. just numb. i guess my low start to the day prepared me for that moment. sigh.

8. got to work 15 mins late.

9. realised i have 4 files to work on, and no spirit to get into it.

.my predictions for the rest of the day.:

1. Not finishing work, and stressing about it tonite.

2. Not able to spend enough time with Stan.

3. Frustrated at myself for being tired and moody.

4. Lots of tears after Stan leaves.

5. No sleep.


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۞ D! ۞ said...

terrible terrible. well u can be happy for me at least. im in high spirits after some awesome paintball yesterday. cheer up lennie.