May 19, 2008

.its not goodbye?.

stan left.

i guess all was fine...
until he produced a stupid sunflower in an artistic flower holder.
"you guys called me a furniture in your house, (cuz he's always here)
so since i'm leaving, this piece of 'furniture' will take my place."

you can't NOT expect a round of tears from such a silly idea.
*sobs sobs*
damn you stan wong.

just before 11.45pm on the 19th may 2008;
stan drove off into the nite.
i broke down.

in fact,
all 3 of us did.

we'll be ok.
just make sure u come home soon.



stan said...

really miss u lots...I will try to come back as frequent as possible. Take care of yourself babe

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

=) i miss u soo much tooo!!! lookin forward for u to come homeee!!! (home: 72 sheldon st)... heHhee MUAH!!