May 5, 2008

.teachin' the old rat new tricks.

i wanna learn how to speak and singgg french!!

tried to pick up a simple chorus from jesse mccartney's de toi à moi... but failed, obviously. french spellings are so different!! are there pin yins for french??

here's the vid with the lyrics. give it a go. and write down pin yins for me if u have time yea? :)

anywayz... this weekend feels different somehow. dont know why. maybe becuz suddenly, songs that i've been listening to alot seem to make more sense now? - wait, did that make sense?

well ok, for example -

just surrender's "so close/so alive" feels different when i listen to it now; as well as leona lewis' "yesterday" and hilary duff's "who's that girl". new pictures are painted in my head when these songs play. hmm... whether its a good or bad thing is yet to be determined though.

anywayz (again)... its late, time to hit the sack. gonna leave u guys with these pics -

DROOL!!!! ;)
... and thank you btw to 'you know who u are'.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

fat fat fat bwahahahaha.
but really fat ok wtf..
one piece = one tub of butter


but is damn nice la ok the doughnut. eat then only think about fat la...ok bye