May 12, 2008

.her shield and armour.

LOL i can draw? :)
not verrry "awesomely"... but i believe my drawing is sufficient to tell a tale.

ever felt like the suicide jumper up there? looking into a bright open hole, knowing there's a lion with its mouth wide open awaiting her at the bottom, but decides to jump into it anyway?

and not only that, but she thinks she's so smart cuz she's been there before, so she decides to put on protection... knee pads... an armour... a helmet... the whole defence force, thinking this way, she'd come out unharmed.

oh... and u must wondering why she jumped in the first place. i forgot one important detail in my sketch. her purpose. ok, here's the correct version.

pfft. go figure.

how's she now?
... well, lets just say... the lion won.


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