May 29, 2008

.my mp3 player and me.

i was on the bus home today when i had a sudden urge to listen to jack johnson's "better together". thanks to sheena for painting a video clip of that song in my head; i'm totally addicted to it now.

but then, thats me. i have a pattern. i learn to love a song by understanding its meaning (lyrics), and from that moment, i'd surround myself with that song day and night.

sadly, it usually only last for a week? or maybe a bit more, depending on how good the song is, but my point is, i would always get myself to the point where i'd get sick of it, and then i'd just flush it out of my system (or rather, delete it from my mp3 player) and it'd be as if i've never liked it before.

scary hey?

i also had another thought. see, my mp3 player is on random and repeat. so i had to press next 10281719 times (on the bus just now) before i finally heard jack johnson's guitar plucking. it got me thinking...

is that like me and my relationships?

forever skipping through other good music before getting to what i really want? or something i think i want, and end up getting sick off 1.5 weeks later? some songs even appeared twice while i was shuffling! whats up with that? could it be symbolizing how some people may hop in and out of my life more than once?

and since we're already talking about this, i might as well tell u the other thing i also thought about: while shuffling for jack johnson, i thought "what if i finally get the song, but realise i didn't really wanna listen to it that much anymore?" or "what if the song doesn't make the feel the way i expect it to make me feel?"

... it was then the song came on, (jack johnson finally!) and i notice myself being very conscious of my reaction... but.. :) sufficient to say, it was worth it. i loved it, and loved how it still made me feel.

but then i also realised... after listening to the first verse, i started looking around the bus and ended up spacing out; not noticing that the song was still playing in my ears. the song i had spent 10281091 button-pushes to find. - now... i wonder what THAT means.


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