May 22, 2008


so, the whole world shud know by now that man utd won the uefa champions league.

the whold world would also know that ronaldo got them to the penalty shoot out, only to have his penalty kick denied by the bloody orange man, cech. i have to admit, when he scored, i was estatic. then he missed the penalty, and i wanted to kill him.

but thats what loved ones do rite?

they're great, but not perfect. so they're bound to disappoint once in a while, i know that. but lets say the disappointment isnt "missing a penalty" but something else like -
  • he said the wrong thing?
  • he offended the wrong people?
  • he pissed off your friends?
  • he kissed like a wet paper towel?
  • you see him with another girl?
  • he got sacked from his job because he's not good enough?
  • he tells you he has no future prospects and is really a bum?
  • he tells you he 'accidentally' slept with someone else?
hmm. maybe the real question is, at what point do you quit empathising, toss out the guilt of thinking less of him, not care of being called a bad girlfriend and make a run for it?

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