December 30, 2008

.its a wrap!.

"i was waiting for the moment i knew for sure what i wanted," she says.

"actually, there were a few," he tells her. "but u laughed them off."


have i really been that blind?

see... i'm not proud of 2008. mistakes after mistakes were made on my part. i lost my ability to be decisive and lost the ability to communicate with my heart. my head took over too many times; and i was too vulnerable to prevent it from reigning. i became an emotional retard.

in the midst of all the drama however, i met several kind souls. ones i would still hold out my hand to, and be there for. ones i truly wished for alternative and more forgiving circumstances between us. you guys know who u are.

if only things were different for me this year; if i was less skeptical, less anal, less emotionally bruised and battered, more trusting and my guards were less stubborn, i think could've ended this year smiling... and with warm hands.

so begone 2008! and here's to a new year, with new hopes, new dreams and new loves.
2009 NY resolutions so far:
* find a full time legal job.
* curse less.
* drink less.
* exercise more.
* develop a more regular/normal sleeping pattern.
* believe in fallin' in love.

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