February 1, 2009

.his word of advice.

"don't fall in love with her," mr. A tells mr. B.

"why?" mr. B asks.

"because she never did fall for me."

mr. A dated her for 7 months. he said 'I Love You' days before they broke up. she never said it back only because it was too late. but she did. she did love him. at least at one point in their relationship she felt she did.

mr. B tells her, "i am different." and "who knows what will happen?"

well, we'll see.

today, someone explained to me what 'great love' felt like. one part i remember him describing -

"... everything i have only imagined doing, i felt like doing it now. find a job, buy a house, have children, send them to school... all of that, i wanted. and i can only see myself doing it with her by my side..."

i dont know. i really dont know.

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anonymice said...

if that's the definition of great love, then I should be fortunate enough to have experienced it ^__^