June 23, 2006

.exams can lick my........ toilet bowl?.

FINALLY! Exams are over!
Uni is out!
(at least for the next few weeks!)
I'm psyched!!!

Here are some stuffs I told myself I HAVE to do during the break,
Things I have always wanted or thought of doing,
But couldn't because of the guilt of not studying.

1. Take mum shopping (Later today? Myer? Friday nite? -purfect!-)

2. Picnic at New Farm Park.
So Sheen and I can take our mums on the citycat.
Arent citycats fun?!

3. Record my songs.
Have always wanted to do this!!
I've got like 5 songs unrecorded now...
Just thought it'd be nice to have them saved somewhere.
(so I can listen back and think how pathetic I am)
(or to reminisce on the past)

4. Update my friendster profile.

5. Take more pictures. *haha*

6. Work and save!!

7. Clean my crazy room!

(knock out rounds are up soon!! ahhhh!!)

9. Go clubbing!!

10. Watch more movies at the cinema!!!
*yay!! now i finally have timeeeeee!!*

11. Watch movies on DVDs that I love sooOoo much!!

12. ooH... rearrange my enrolled units.
*sigh* Thats not fun. *boo*

13. Spend more time online chatting!!
and blogging!! and answering questions in yahoo! answers!!

14. Listen to music alllll daaaayyy...
*trust me, at one point, my cravings for music got soooo bad, I was gonna break down and cry. It just felt sad that I couldnt just lie on my bed and listen to music without feeling guilty*

15. Catch up on sleeeepp!!!

16. Cook for Groovy as promised.
Im gonna poison him. ^^

17. Just hang out with friendss....

18. SHOP.

- alrite alrite...
the list ends here for now.

Its not like I have THAT much time.
But one thing for sure,
I hope I can get my songs recorded.
That'd be fun.

(not confident about my last paper,
but its over, so whatdaheck! its time for fun!)

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